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Polyurethane Coating

Amel gives you the possibility to create various objects made from polystyrene and polyurethane material.

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Hives made of Amel’s Special Boards produced with exceptional thermal performance.

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Ornamental gates and fences

Ornamental fences produced by Amel with a lifetime term far beyond of the traditional ones.

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About Amel Industry

Amel is 100% a Romanian company, specialized in the manufactoring of thermal-beehives, produced by an innovative system called ”Amel’s Special Boards”, which represents a bold combination between polystyrene hive and polyurethane hive. Amel addresses both specialists in Romania and abroad offering a beehive with unrivaled thermal performance.

AMEL’s mission is the support of the beekeepers – professional or amateur – and providing favorable conditions for the protection and development of bee families in current climatic conditions, increasingly less predictable. Team Amel has researched, designed and developed these thermal-beehives to cover successfully one of the basic requirements of the hive, which is – the thermal inertia.